Well Toni did it again! Last year she helped us purchase some investment property outside of the county. This year Toni was able to sell our house before it was even on the market and then held our hands as we panicked and looked for the perfect property to purchase. She was with us every step of the way…not an easy task as my husband and I were not always on the same page and had different ideas of what was “perfect”. Toni was relentless in looking for property that would work for both of us. She understood what each of us was looking for and figured out how to “marry” the two! A brilliant negotiator and true professional! In a hot market with rising prices and shrinking inventory, I look back at the whole experience of buying and selling in 2021 and feel blessed that we had a realtor that was truly dedicated and “had our back.” So involved and diligent, she went the extra mile at every turn, working tirelessly to find us the right property. Her attention to detail and connections with local sub contractors makes her an invaluable asset whether on the selling end or the buying end…she had us covered. Toni really cares…she is the “benchmark” for what you should expect from a realtor…dedicated and honest as the day is long. A real joy to work with and a person you can trust!


Toni has completed three deals for our family in the last three years. In each transaction, she made us feel that we were her only clients, while we knew there were many others. She respected our tight relocation timeframe and provided us numerous contacts, several of whom were instrumental in helping us prepare our house for showing in an expedited manner. Toni is positive, detailed, responsive, generous with her time and in every way professional from listing to closing. We would highly recommend her to anyone.


Toni helped us find an affordable condo for us to purchase in a very short period of time — we were in a rush to get one for our son to live in while he attends MSU after other rentals fell through. She helped us identify affordable properties, and got us through all the hoops so quickly, even after the first condo didn’t work out. Her excellent relationship with the inspector saved us from investing in a property that ended up having several unseen and costly issues (potential ice dams forming because of roofline). Toni is experienced, very kind, and very knowledgeable. It was overall an excellent experience to work with her.

Nancy M

Toni is the absolute best thing since air. She was wonderful and a joy to work with. She is a complete professional. She is charming and witty. She had answers to all the questions I asked and could find the answer if need be with in a few moments. As long as Toni is in Montana, she will be the only agent I use.

Background. We were selling on one state and buying across the country. The whole process was trying but Toni was out anchor through this. Thanks Toni.

Casey M

Toni was everything you want in a realtor.
Attentive, patient, supportive , kind & Very detailed orientated with all aspects of the new location.
Beginning the process of finding a home, Toni took us to the various sections of Bozeman, explaining the pros & cons, patiently spending time with us till we finally decided on one area.
She diligently searched for homes in this area and when we placed an offer she advised and let us determine the final offer.
It is a seller’s market in Bozeman, so it took 3 offers to select our new home.
She guided us when to place the offer, for the best results.
She made us feel we were her only customers when we knew she was extremely busy.
She was always willing to answer phone calls quickly and call us back with answers.
At the end of this process, she attended the closing with us.
Thank you Toni. We are very grateful to have you as our realtor!


Wow. Toni is phenomenal. This was the second purchase where she represented me as the buyer’s agent.

I have been part of a 20+ real estate deals with about that many agents. She is truly one of the best I have ever worked with!

Toni’s expertise and her no-nonsense approach was made finding a place I love, in a hot market like Bozeman’s possible.

nick swerdfeger

Toni helped us buy a number of investment properties in the Bozeman area. From early on she demonstrated a very good understanding of the local area and provided good insights as to which sub-division would best meet our requirements.

Previous to using Toni we had missed out on a number of properties due to our offer being too low. With Toni this all changed, she really is in tune with the market and has a very good idea of how much some property will go for. She was also able to identify potential issues with properties and gave us an idea how much such an issue would affect asking price.

Toni was responsive to texts and phone calls, and we never felt we her to chase her to follow up on stuff. We’d use Toni again in a heart-beat!


Toni made the process of selling our property very easy. Her attention to all the details involved was impressive. She looked at all offers and recommended which were actual good offers to consider and ones that were questionable. I would recommend working with her if you want to get the job done. She is very professional and will go the extra mile for her clients.


She gives her all to her customers. She is well prepared, knows major and minor details about the property and the house. She throughly researches each aspect of the inspection report and even calls professionals to get advice, quotes and options to address a problem. She goes beyond the expected. Having a detail oriented person makes buying a home easy with Toni. She’s very smart, remembers details and looks for property or home concerns. Nothing goes unnoticed. Toni is well liked by service providers so you get a great job whether it’s radon mitigation, handyman projects, water issues or inspection reports. She is a respected professional. We looked at many houses, we had lots of laughs, she kept us in mind as new properties went on the market and she helped us to compete a very special real estate transaction. I would highly recommend Toni Neal. She knows the market, the options and gets it done. We’re thrilled with our new home!

Jaynee G

Toni just helped me purchase a lot. The title company we were working with was unorganized, trying to cut corners, and far from helpful. Toni was awesome. Extremely patient and knowledgeable. She had my best interest at heart and made sure the transaction was legitimate in every way. She went above and beyond and spent many hours making sure nothing was missed. I will be using her for future purchases and I highly recommend you do too.

Renee V