Are You Looking to Simplify Your Life?

Are you currently in a house with extra room to spare? Are you tired of cleaning those empty rooms whose only function seems to be collecting dust? Are household chores taking time away from those things you’re passionate about? Perhaps you’ve come to the realization that your current house no longer serves your needs. Or, you may be thinking about taking advantage of market conditions to sell and bank the money. It may be time to start considering downsizing.

You could realize the following benefits:

Increase cash flow: Smaller living spaces are generally less expensive. This means that instead of putting every spare dollar and cent towards a large mortgage, you can start to enjoy your hard-earned money.

Eliminate clutter: Moving to a smaller home gives you the opportunity to declutter. As we age, we accumulate pieces of furniture and sentimental belongings. By moving to a home that will not be able to accommodate these possessions, you are offered a clean slate.

More time: A smaller home means less time spent on household chores and more time for the things you are passionate about. Instead of spending time dusting shelves and vacuuming carpets, mowing lawns and watering gardens, you can now spend that time elsewhere.

Lower utility expenses: One of the main benefits of downsizing is the fact that a smaller home will incur lower monthly costs. Instead of heating up, cooling down or powering a 4 bedroom home with multiple living zones, you are only servicing a smaller area.

Lifestyle changes: Another one of the great benefits of downsizing is the lifestyle changes that such a move triggers. As previously mentioned, downsizing gives you more time to spend on the things you love.

Once you have decided that a smaller residence will suit your current lifestyle and future goals, you will be able to fully appreciate the benefits that come with it. You will enjoy the kind of fresh start that some can only dream about.

I’m ready to assist you, so you can get the most out of downsizing. Please setup a meeting to discuss how we can get started.