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You are making a huge purchase that is quite possibly the biggest of your life. It’s important you receive at a minimum the following services.
However, Toni will provide you all the support needed to get the property purchased.

Help get you get pre-approved: Toni will connect you with trusted local lenders who will take you through the pre-approval process so you can begin shopping for your home in this competitive market.

Help find you a home: Toni will help you clarify what you want most and find you options that meet your specifications as much as possible which include counseling you on location, neighborhood and other factors.

Negotiate an offer: Toni has the ability to negotiate the best price for your home purchase. Toni will analyze the value of the home you are looking to purchase and advise you on what your initial offer should be and how to proceed accordingly.

Help picking a home inspector: Just like realtors, some inspectors are better than others. Toni knows the best home inspectors in the area and will help you choose one that you can depend on to give you the low down on the true state of any home you are interested in buying.

Attend home inspection: Even the best inspectors can miss things and even the most knowledgeable inspectors can fail to accurately convey information they find to you as a buyer. Toni will be present at your home inspection to hear exactly what the inspector finds. After the inspection, Toni will counsel you on what should be brought to the seller’s attention.

Negotiate any home inspection repair requests: Information you receive from a home inspection can provide you with leverage in negotiations. We can request repairs based on this information and we can sometimes get price or other concessions based on the problems found in the inspection. Toni will be your researcher and negotiator to make sure any serious problems are dealt with by either getting a price reduction, a repair or walking away if the problem is serious enough. You need to remember the purpose of an inspection is not to make a perfect home….nearly every home has issues large and small. Toni will direct you as to what to keep your focus on and what to let go.

Communicate with all parties: Everyone needs to be on the same page for a home purchase to go smoothly. Toni will be responsible for keeping everyone informed, including the seller’s agent and your attorney.

Monitor your loan commitment: The pre-approval you received for your home purchase is fragile, based on the information given to the lender at the time of the request.  Toni will stay on top of things including the buyer’s mortgage commitment and the timing of the appraisal.

Finalize all loose ends before closing: There are a surprising number of details involved in a closing, all of which need to be wrapped up before you officially become the owner of the home. Toni is committed to ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.