Toni Neal’s Biography

With deep knowledge and love of the Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley and extraordinary business acumen, Toni Neal provides uncomparable service from the moment you start working with her until your closing and beyond. Her clients feel happy and confident because every decision they make is supported by her deep understanding of the Bozeman area real estate market, her expert negotiating skills on their behalf, and her ability to find solutions to the most complex and challenging situations. Toni takes the time to get to know her clients and their goals and tenaciously works in their interest.

  • For buyers that means you will learn about all the properties in the area that fit your specifications, you will benefit from her deep knowledge about neighborhoods and you will receive expert advice on value and pricing.
  • For sellers, it means individually tailored strategies to help meet your goals for the sale, expert pricing, and generous and creative marketing.

Widely known and respected for her strong sense of honesty and integrity, Toni is an active member of the Bozeman community. She has served as a board member and as President of Riverside Country Club and board member of Museum of the Rockies; MSU Business School and co-chaired the Wine & Culinary Classic for the Museum of the Rockies.

Toni moved to Bozeman in 2004 after a successful business career in Texas, including founding and leading a consulting firm that specialized in streamlining and automating diverse operations. She studied Computer Science & Industrial Engineering at the University of Oklahoma and earned an MBA at the University of Texas where she is a lifetime member of the Advisory Board to the McCombs School of Business. Toni enjoys collecting Western art, golfing, bridge, fishing, dining and listening to country music.


Toni specializes in client satisfaction — doing whatever is needed to provide exceptional service and results.

Listed are a few client reviews that show my track record,
as well as my commitment to providing exceptional customer service
and deliver proven results to my clients and you!

  • Well Toni did it again! Last year she helped us purchase some investment property outside of the county. This year Toni was able to sell our house before it was even on the market and then held our hands as we panicked and looked for the perfect property to purchase. She was with us every step of the way…not an easy task as my husband and I were not always on the same page and had different ideas of what was “perfect”. Toni was relentless in looking for property that would work for both of us. She understood what each of us was looking for and figured out how to “marry” the two! A brilliant negotiator and true professional! In a hot market with rising prices and shrinking inventory, I look back at the whole experience of buying and selling in 2021 and feel blessed that we had a realtor that was truly dedicated and “had our back.” So involved and diligent, she went the extra mile at every turn, working tirelessly to find us the right property. Her attention to detail and connections with local subcontractors makes her an invaluable asset whether on the selling end or the buying end…she had us covered. Toni really cares…she is the “benchmark” for what you should expect from a realtor…dedicated and honest as the day is long. A real joy to work with and a person you can trust!
  • We can not recommend Toni highly enough. As a long distance buyer with very specific home criteria, Toni listened closely to our needs and worked tirelessly to provide us with a variety of options over several months until we found the home we were looking for. Importantly, she never pushed us to make a purchase decision, but consistently checked in when potential listings became available. Toni’s highly organized, detail-driven personality really shined through during the due diligence period of our home purchase, which involved an estate sale, the transfer of water rights, as well as multiple inspections given the nature of the home’s condition and our remodeling plans. Toni scheduled and attended each and every one of the many inspections (including septic, water, structural, radon, asbestos, electric, chimney and general) and even met with and secured contractor bids for the repair work that was required. This allowed us to negotiate a more favorable purchase price than the original contract. Throughout the entire process, Toni proved to be a great communicator and a proven problem solver who navigated us through the complexities presented by this transaction from a distance of 1,600 miles away. Most importantly, we felt completely supported and confident in the knowledge that she was putting our best interests first. Toni’s commitment to being there for us has also extended well past the closing date. She continues to check in with us and has even been willing to check in on the property as we proceed with our remodeling plans. In short, you cannot go wrong in choosing Toni as your real estate professional. Her honesty and integrity shines through in everything that she does and we will be forever grateful and appreciative of the assistance and guidance that she has and continues to offer us as we settle into our new home.Toni is the absolute best thing since air. She was wonderful and a joy to work with. She is a complete professional. She is charming and witty. She had answers to all the questions I asked and could find the answer if need be within a few moments. As long as Toni is in Montana, she will be the only agent I use. Background. We were selling on one state and buying across the country. The whole process was trying but Toni was out anchor through this. Thanks Toni.
  • We were at the time in our lives when one partner needs to find the appropriate “care” facility for the other. It is a very emotionally challenging time! I was faced with selling our condo in Bozeman, and relocating to another state. I was sure that I could list, sell, and close by myself. After all, we had lived 40+ years in Bozeman, building and selling three homes. I had a potential buyer in mind. Then– as so often happens when money and emotions are involved; we realized that we did need a professional to help us. I called Toni, and explained why we needed her professional help. She immediately “took charge” of all the millions of issues and decisions we had to make when buying or selling property. Most of us think, ” I can do this!” When really, we know that we need to and it would be to wise to, CALL FOR HELP. Our HELP, came in the form of Toni Neal. She covered all the questions and concerns we had. She “walked” with us to the closing, so that each part of the process was completed in a correct, professional manner. Without Toni Neal, I am sure the outcome of the real estate transaction would have been very different.
  • After 52 years of living at the same address, we decided it was time to “down-size” and move to a smaller house size. We hired Toni Neal to help us locate a house with tight preferences issued. When we found a smaller place we liked, Toni moved forward and took over the details of working with the seller’s realtor, all the time finding the best deal for us. No task was too hard or too small for Toni. She dug into every part of the purchase ritual and fulfilled our requirements with forceful and well-handled energy. She was always clear with what she thought and found answers to all our questions. After the sale was completed, she collected lists of construction people used by the seller, manuals for every piece of equipment, and comments from the seller; then put them all in a binder for our use. We were very satisfied with the purchase of our new house and highly recommend Toni Neal as a buyer’s realtor.
  • She gives her all to her customers. She is well prepared, knows major and minor details about the property and the house. She thoroughly researches each aspect of the inspection report and even calls professionals to get advice, quotes and options to address a problem. She goes beyond the expected. Having a detail oriented person makes buying a home easy with Toni. She’s very smart, remembers details and looks for property or home concerns. Nothing goes unnoticed. Toni is well liked by service providers so you get a great job whether it’s radon mitigation, handyman projects, water issues or inspection reports. She is a respected professional. We looked at many houses, we had lots of laughs, she kept us in mind as new properties went on the market and she helped us to compete a very special real estate transaction. I would highly recommend Toni Neal. She knows the market, the options and gets it done. We’re thrilled with our new home!